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Sunday School - Further Information

Every Sunday, 10:00 am 

Further Information

What about safeguarding?

Keeping children safe is a top priority. We are in the process of adopting a Child Protection Policy, which we will make available on this website. Until this is in place, we request that parents remain with their children throughout the lesson. Sunday School is led by a qualified and practising teacher with extensive safeguarding experience, whose safeguarding checks are up to date with his employer. However, good safeguarding practice requires us to carry ut our own checks. We are setting up all the required safeguarding procedures at the moment, and will update this information as soon as we can.

What about good behaviour?

Children are expected to maintain good behaviour during lessons, as appropriate for their age. It is our policy to expect good manners, and classroom politeness to one another at all times. Minor behaviour issues will be addressed by the teacher in a firm, but friendly manner. In the unlikely event of disruptive behaviour, the teacher leading the lesson will talk supportively to the child's parent about helping the child to behave more appropriately.​ The Sunday School does not ever employ corporal punishment, or any restrictive physical interventions in managing behaviour. We use praise, rewards, and positive examples to encourage the high standard of behaviour we expect.

What about praise and rewards?

From time to time, we reward pupils with points, certificates, stickers, or small gifts. This is to encourage and reward individual achievement, and to encourage diligence and enthusiasm.

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